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Our slogan is Innovation based on Flexibility, and we believe that every account of innovation starts with flexibility and with multiple new ways of making a device. The world is changing, and we should be changing with it. This is why we created a new and improved way of unlocking your phone with maximum security and of being able to manage your card personnalization with full autonomy. 


FlexCard offers engineering services for:

• Debit and credit
magnetic cards
• Smart cards and security
• Card personalization

Value added services

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Parental control system
 - The restrictions are implemented using an           application on the USIM card of the child.
 - The application blocks calls and text messages attempts from the child based on the rules defined by the guardians.
 - The applications blocks the data connection attempts from the child based on the activation/deactivation by the guardians through the web interface.

Facebook SIM Application
 - SIM-based application for mobile use of principle Facebook® features
 - Works on a standard SIM on SMS capable phones
 - All communication via regular SMS messages
 - Works on non-Smartphones
 * No browser or WAP required