Who's the Flex group?

The Flex group is a world market leader and an innovative pioneer specializing in digital security, personal security such as smart cards, SIM cards, UICC cards, ports, multimedia content, VAS platform development for telecom operators, government agencies and financial institutions.

Flex Group offers value-added service applications on the SIM card allowing you to maximize your income by increasing the satisfaction of customers who will use their phones differently. Flex VAS allows the operator, increase the satisfaction of their subscribers while reducing operational expenses and opening up new stream revenue.

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We are a young and talented group of entrepreneurs and engineers with a revolutionary idea which we hope will contribute to a better future. We provide intelligent solutions to businesses of all sizes and take pride in our unrivaled and dedicated service.

At Flexgroups, we believe that the right understanding and the technological advantage can lead companies to a prosperous future. We are always looking for valuable feedback from our customers in order to learn and evolve. Contact us today to schedule a meeting with one of our representatives or to request a demonstration.


Chers visiteurs, en tant que président de « The Flex Group« , je vous souhaite la bienvenue sur notre site internet, ce qui représente pour vous une porte d’entrée dans notre organisation et donc un accès à toutes nos informations. Nos valeurs soutiennent notre vision: investir dans l’innovation,  la recherche et le développement. Nous sommes également engagés à la perfection et nous continuons à investir dans le développement de notre organisation pour le bénéfice de tous nos clients et partenaires.

- Mostafa Chafi, President at FLEXGROUP INC.