Pelion IoT platform

The Arm partnership brings together the main embedded and cloud companies, component manufacturers, system integrators and OEMs. Flex Group shares the commitment with ARM, at the outset, to the standards, technology and services necessary to accelerate innovation in IoT systems.

Device management

With Flex Group and ARM Device Management allows secure and reliable integration, connection, updates and life cycle management of different types of connected devices deployed on site or in the cloud.

  • Freedom to select deployment option, cloud provider, device manufacturer and communication protocol
  • Integrated security from chip to cloud to mitigate device vulnerabilities
  • Reduced complexity of managing a diverse set of devices

Data management

Data management makes reliable data from IoT devices and relevant business data available for predictive information that drives dynamic optimization and new revenue opportunities.

  • Ability to use data from any connected device
  • Reliable data security
  • Increase opportunities by reducing the time and costs of using data

Connectivity management

Connectivity management enables easy, secure and economical connection of IoT devices across multiple network standards with a single global mobility contract.

  • Flexibility of device types, network providers and connectivity standards
  • Simple automatic device deployment, unified operations and billing
  • Profitability through aggregated pricing, operational flexibility and information

ARM IoT platform

Flexibility in design, deployment and connectivity

Ensure the sustainability of your IoT thanks to the flexibility of any device, any data, any network, any cloud. Connect to feature-rich devices on a narrow band to broadband networks for deployments on site or on public, private or hybrid clouds; to provide many types of relevant data.

Device security, connectivity and data

Build a secure IoT with endpoint security, a resilient network, secure device updates and communication, and secure ingestion and correlation of large volumes of data in real time.

Effectiveness of IoT adoption

Set up your IoT faster by purchasing pre-tested devices with an operating system suitable for IoT, connecting devices on global networks with a configurable SIM card and managing updates remotely, l and unified billing.