Banking & payment services

Banking & payment services

We have developed solutions specially designed to improve and secure the daily life of your customers regardless of their working method. To help banks improve their performance and optimize their growth while staying one step ahead of their competitors.

 Digital identity tools designed by Flex Group include the Digital Identity back-end application (FlexGard), the Flex ID workstation (FlexID), Cyber ​​SIM (FlexCyberSIM) which control and validate the user's biometrics, control the encryption of the communication and use the signature of the blockchain to validate the communication, protected by AI applications.

The FlexGard solution is ideal for digital commerce, the Cyber ​​SIM offer improves security, ideal for large companies or government teams, the data is protected and accessible only to:

  • authorized and validated users
  • Banks and financial institutions
  • retailers

The Flex ID workstation (FlexID), offers a range of fixed or mobile banking workstations,
transport. FlexID is the ideal access card system for public transport.