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The FlexBanking division offers a turnkey money transfert solution. The architecture allows easy integration with existing systems and software for telecom operators and financial institutions .

  • Simple, reliable and highly secure

  • Low cost-per-transaction fees

  • Tailored for emerging countries

  • API available for easy integration with existing terminals

  • Agent Mobile Phone can be used as a terminal device for secure transactions


New Addition

The one-step solution Speed Perso offers to banking and financial institutions customers an easy way to customize debit and credit cards for each branch. Speed Perso is efficient to personalize cards with the specifics information and PIN of each client on EMV cards with the Visa, Mastercard, Interac and PCI DSS specifications.


The customers can choose a PIN right away and their card will be ready to use immediately. The Speed Perso solution increases satisfaction and customer loyalty. Speed Perso is Visa/Mastercard certified and ISO9001 complient.

Dish Antenna
Speed Perso

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Customer Favorite

Banking account into trough Push SMS:

  • SMS update at each operation or event happening in the bank account.

  • SMS update information of the bank (Ex: exchange and interest rates)

Banking account service and info trough Pull SMS:

  • Performing a transaction on the bank account

  • Setting an appointment with an agent from the bank

  • Getting info on the account (Ex: account balance)

  • Getting info of the bank’s interest and plans


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Offer several payment methods

  • SMS / Smart Phone

  • Scratch Card / Prepaid Card

  • Secure online payment service / P2P

  • Financial Institution / Kiosk / Post Office

Embeds high security components

  • Hardware security module (HSM)

  • Secured WEB applications

  • Smart Card applications

  • Secured smartphone applications

  • Secured online payment system

  • Prepaid scratch card production system

Prevents risks incurred by the customer

  • Temper-proof algorithms for sending/receiving money

  • Prevents creation of virtual money

  • Protects against phishing

  • Anti-intrusion hardware (SIM, HSM)

  • PCI-DSS certified solutions

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