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FlexSIMQoS paradigm is based on:

  • Real-time gathering of data QoS data from the RF interface, SS7 codes and other information points and presentation by location.

  • Non-intrusive (passive) monitoring integrated in the SIM and (U) SIM cards enables correlation of data from the handset, the network and the user.

  • The mobile stations (handsets) act as network probes that give a real-time overview of the reception and perception of the operator’s services by the customers.

  • FlexSIMQoS servers collect and analyze data and generate reports and alarms for targeted optimization groups such as RF, Operation & Maintenance, Marketing, Billing and CRM system administrators. The monitoring solution and STK applet can either be installed via OTA or pre-installed on a (U)SIM JavaCard.

  • FlexSIMQoS can also be deployed as a standalone solution

  • On top of the FlexSIMQoS platform, we develop products to integrate third-party QoS optimization and prediction applications

Qos Features
  • Cell-based status

  • Find trouble spots by geolocation

  • Identify trouble-making Handsets

  • Real-time overview of network

  • Increased customer satisfaction

  • Reduced time to quality by 90%